Claim Your Record: Be an Early
Jalur Gemilang Holder

13 August 2023 | Lifestyle | By Admin JGBR
Join the ranks of pioneers! Register now to be one of the first to make history as a Jalur Gemilang Records holder. Your achievement will inspire generations to come. Don’t miss out – secure your spot today

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Embrace Legacy: Secure Your Place as the Earliest Jalur Gemilang Records Holder!

13 August 2023 | Lifestyle | By Admin JGBR
Are you ready to become a part of history? Seize the opportunity to be among the first to etch your name in the Jalur Gemilang Records! By registering now, you’ll not only be a record breaker but also a trailblazer, setting the bar for future achievements. Don’t miss out on this chance to be recognized as an early achiever and inspire others on their journey. Join us in celebrating greatness and pushing boundaries like never before. Register today and make your mark

Share Your Triumphs: Submit Your Application for Recognition

What is Jalur Gemilang
Book of Records?

Jalur Gemilang Book of Records is a platform to recognize the achievements of Malaysians by honouring individuals who break or set new records.

How does Jalur Gemilang Book of
Records it work?

Individuals who wish to submit an achievement for recognition must apply online by providing details of the record to be set or broken. The committee evaluates each submission and verifies the evidence presented.
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