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Illuminating Malaysia’s Triumphs: Unveiling the Nation’s Extraordinary Achievements and Inspiring Journeys That Ignite National Pride.

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Our Memorable Journey

Empowering Malaysia Through Inspiring Achievements, Uniting National Pride,
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Jalur Gemilang Book of Records

Jalur Gemilang Book of Records is Malaysia’s premier National Record-Keeper that recognizes record holders and record breakers. As Malaysians ourselves, we want to ensure that every local record breaker will be recognized in their own country and inspire others to go one step further than the rest. We believe that every Malaysian who has achieved outstanding accomplishments deserves to be appreciated and honored. Thus, it is an honor to create this platform to share our nation’s finest achievements, where our proud Malaysians have strived for excellence and pushed the boundaries of what is possible

Championing and
Igniting Our Purpose​

Jalur Gemilang Book of Records is Malaysia’s premier National
Record-Keeper that recognises recordholders and recordbreakers.


Celebrating National Pride

Displaying and appreciating national pride are integral parts of a countries success and national record keeping is one way of achieving that.

Preserving National History

A country’s national records are a valuable part of its history. The documentation of each national achievement creates an unbiased account of achievements done by our local heroes.


Motivating Future Generations

The recognition of personal and community achievements serve as inspiration for the future, encouraging individuals to strive towards greater successes.


What is Jalur Gemilang
Book of Records?

Jalur Gemilang Book of Records is a platform to recognize the achievements of Malaysians by honouring individuals who break or set new records.

How does Jalur Gemilang Book of
Records it work?

Individuals who wish to submit an achievement for recognition must apply online by providing details of the record to be set or broken. The committee evaluates each submission and verifies the evidence presented.

Seal of Record

Is a seal of our Nation Pride, Flame of Extraordinary of our record breaker carry by our people to pass on the legacy to next generation