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Break Records and Achieve the Extraordinary! Submit Your Application to Join the Hall of Flame.
Your Journey to Immortalizing Achievement in the Jalur Gemilang Book of Records Begins Here
Click Record Breaking Application and fill in the APPLICATION FORM (clickable link) with a detailed description of your claim which you are trying to set as a record with evidence.
After all the documents are received, the Jalur Gemilang Book of Records’ team will process your claim within 14 working days. In case of any incomplete documentation, the team will contact the applicant again until the team is satisfied with the submitted evidence.
With all the sufficient documents, our team will conduct a Draft Search to cross check on the status of the record title.

Scenario 1 – Existing record title / similar record nature. Jalur Gemilang Book of Records’ will give feedback and advise applicants on the proposed new record title. Once agreed by the applicant, our team will seek for Panel approval on acknowledging the superseded existing record breaking attempt.

Scenario 2 – Unique and significant record title entry with non similar record nature. Jalur Gemilang book of records’ will proceed to seek Panel’s approval on acknowledging on New Record breaking attempt entry.

Scenario 3 – Non Significant Record Breaking Attempt. In order to make a special and noteworthy record breaking attempt, applicants would need to revise the proposal. Our staff will get in touch with the applicant and offer suggestions on the record breaking attempt.
If your application is accepted, our team will issue the applicant an official acknowledgment letter notifying them that their effort to receive a breaking record title has been acknowledged by the Jalur Gemilang Book of Records.
After receiving a medal and certification from Jalur Gemilang Book of Records, do send us HD quality pictures with our award.
Step into the Spotlight as an Individual, Showcasing Your Unique Talents and Pursuing Record-Breaking Greatness.

Gather Your Team and Pursue Record-Breaking Glory Together in the Jalur Gemilang Book of Records. We’re welcome any companies, organization, societies and associations to join the listing in the Hall of Flames.

Your Extraordinary Journey Deserves to Be Celebrated – Submit Your Story Today
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