Wau: Preserving a Vanishing Art

10th October 2023

Photo by: Anonymous via Google

Wau: Preserving a Vanishing Art

10th October 2023

The Malaysian kite, known as “Wau,” derives its name from the distinctive crescent moon-like shape of its lower section, an emblem of its graceful flight.

The term “wau” in Malay mirrors the melodic sound the kite produces as it soars gracefully through the skies, powered by the force of the wind.

Crafting a Wau is a meticulous process, involving the weaving and sewing of fine bamboo sticks to form its unique structure. Different styles of Wau take on varying shapes. Once the framework is complete, the kite is adorned with vibrant colored papers, showcasing an array of artistic illustrations and color schemes.

The art of Wau-making can be traced back to a remarkable inventor named Sang Jaya, who first brought it to life between the years 711 and 839 AD.

Wau exists in a multitude of captivating forms, each with its distinct identity, including

Wau Bulan,

Wau Burung,

Wau Merak

Wau Kucing

Wau Jalabudi

However, this ancient craft faces the threat of extinction, making it more crucial than ever to preserve the artistry and heritage of Wau for future generations to cherish.

Source:Manaweblife [Channel]. Wau Making, Kelantan [Video]. YouTube

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