Author name: WRO International

Largest Indoor Merdeka-themed Human Mosaic

The Malaysian Employment Laws Conference 2023 (MELC 2023) has set a new record for assembling the ‘Largest Indoor Merdeka-themed Human Mosaic’ of Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman with a record of 266.328m2 and consisting of 250 HR professionals and practitioners organized by MyFreelys Academy and Q3 Management Solution that happened on 15th August 2023.

Ipoh Boy is Malaysia’s First Mathews Family Scholarship

Meet Wong Wen Kyle, an Ipoh native and the first Malaysian to be awarded the prestigious Mathews Family Scholarship at Queen’s University Belfast. This scholarship recognizes exceptional medical students, granting them the opportunity to pursue an intercalated degree in Cancer Medicine. With a passion fueled by personal experiences, Wong is dedicated to breast cancer research. His journey reflects the power of inspiration and the pursuit of making a difference in the medical field.